Pebble Stone Foot Massage

· Promote blood circulation
· Increase immunity and relieve pain and stiffness
· Enable the body to contact nature directly to the facilitate static release
· Enhance relaxation to allow better sleep
· Massage and stimulate the acupuncture points and acupuncture regions in foot

· Don't use the shoes during pregnancy or menstruation.
· Those suffering from serious heart diseases or high blood pressure had better not use the shoes. If the diseases are not too serious, use them but not too long. 
· Do not use right after meal. Wait for one hour.
· Don't dip the shoes in water and don't rinse the shoes with acid/alkali solutions or other corrosive ones.

· Every time after putting on the shoes, walk slowly for 10-20 minutes. Do that several times a day. Swing your arms back and forth while walking with them for better results.
· When the shoes are first used, some people are subject to slight pain due to their sensitive sole nerves. Just take it easy. After some time, the pain will disappear and you will feel comfortable and easy.
· After using the shoes, it is advisible to take 300ml of warm water to facilitate the running of qi and blood circulation and to clear waste from the body.   

Massage slippers are embodied with ancient Chinese craftsmanship and wisdom! They were invented more than 2000 years ago based on the mysterious Chinese traditional medicine theory “Movements make up our body “, and handed down generation by generation, till today!

You may ask: can someone really wear them to walk? Yes, absolutely sure! They are excellent massager to strengthen your feet, then build up your whole body! You may feel painful to wear them at the beginning so wear only a few minutes if you can't stand the pain. You should be able to wear them for a longer period. 

According to Chinese traditional medicine theory, body aging starts with the aging of feet! It is easy to judge a person healthy or not by just a glance at his walking steps: If he walks slowly or unsteadily, he must be weak or sick! If he walks fast and steadily, you can not help saying:" Oh, this guy is so energetic and strong!" So when people want to keep strong and healthy, he should first keep his feet strong and healthy. That’s why our private doctors always suggest us making movements and exercises everyday.

On the baseboard of the feet, there are 68 acupuncture points which is in charge of the functions of different body organs. If people seldom move, the acupuncture points will age, so do the other body organs, then the whole body does! The massage slippers are developed based on this theory. It has wooden sole. The massage parts - wooden nails with round top and different height fixed all over the sole, high and low.  It can massage every acupuncture points of the baseboard, thus strengthens the functions of the body organs!

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Pebble Stone Foot Massage

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